PhD/MSc Programs

PhD Program in Economics

"The Goethe University Ph.D. Program in Economics was founded in 2004 with the following simple vision: We seek to establish in Continental Europe’s primary center for financial markets and central banking one of the premier centers in Europe for graduate education in economics. To make this happen, our program’s structure has broken new grounds in the German university system, and is driven by the mandate to put our graduates in the position to be highly competitive with graduates from currently top-ranked European and North American Ph.D. programs in economics. The primary goal of the program is to produce outstanding economists capable of taking leading positions in academia or serving as experts in international institutions, government or the private sector" (PhD Program in Economics webpage).

Doctoral Program Finance and Monetary Economics

"The goal of the graduate program is the education of young researchers in the areas of monetary macroeconomics and finance. It enables the participating Ph.D. students to conduct internationally competitive research by providing them with a sound basis in theory, modelling, and empirical methods. Located at Frankfurt, a leading financial center in Germany and Europe, it also aims at implementing the results of academic research in the practical work of financial intermediaries and central banks in a timely fashion. Leading practitioners from these institutions will regularly present current research-related topics from their professional environment to the graduate students to discuss potential applications of the tools and methods taught in the course of the program. Graduates from the program are expected to find excellent job opportunities in both academics and industry" (Doctoral Graduate Program
Finance and Monetary Economics webpage).

Master of Science in Quantitative Economics 

Students who complete the first year of the program with strong success have the option to join the Ph.D. Program in Economics, the Ph.D. Program in Finance or the the Ph.D. Program in Marketing (depending on the track of first-year courses they have taken). Other students in their second year in the program have the option to enroll in courses with a strong emphasis on policy issues and on issues of implementation. Students leaving Goethe University with a terminal MSQE degree will be in a strong position to serve as experts in international institutions, government or the private sector" (webpage of the Program).